Succeeding in situations that are dynamically shaped by the aspirations of rising peoples, their society, markets and the rapidly changing environments – where rules seem to apply but are often re-written


Envisaging the forces leading to the rise and fall of power, prosperity and freedom – in the world at large and in the regions in which we participate – and imagining the global and local implications


Financing growth, re-positioning and innovation to build out ideas that benefit companies, countries, trade and relationships in the regions in which we participate and extend across their boundaries

Greater Pacific Capital (GPC) was founded in 2005 to build a leading investment institution investing in the growth of India and its links to the rest of the world. GPC adopts a distinctive approach to investing in India based on creating market leaders which, at this stage in India’s development, recognises the role of globalisation of Indian businesses and helping these businesses penetrate international markets as well as bringing international business to India.

The firm’s strategy particularly supports investments in the theme of mass inclusion, which is key to India’s rise and development, and can also provide attractive investment returns. GPC strives to have a positive impact investing in businesses and entrepreneurs with the potential to outperform their peer group while adhering to high environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards.

The firm’s investment team has extensive experience of investing in India for the last 14 years, has been stable and has a track record of working together for more than 20 years. The firm has a robust investment track record.